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Cystic Fibrosis (also known as CF, mucovoidosis, or mucoviscidosis) is a hereditary disease affecting the exocrine (mucous) glands of the lungs, liver, pancreas, and intestines, causing progressive disability due to multisystem failure. The main hallmarks of cystic fibrosis are salty tasting skin, appetite but poor growth and poor weight gain, excess mucus production and coughing/shortness of breath. University of Vermont Medical Group Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine providers offer consultative and diagnostic services including bronchoscopy, pulmonary function testing and an adult Cystic Fibrosis program.

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Leclair, Laurie Whittaker  MD

Critical Care Medicine

Internal Medicine

Pulmonary Disease

University of Vermont
Medical Group/
Fletcher Allen
111 Colchester Avenue
Burlington VT, 05401-1473