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Pediatric Radiology is the use of radiologic imaging used in diagnosing diseases in children. A pediatric radiologist is a physician who treats infants, children and adolescents by using medical imaging technologies to diagnose and sometimes treat disease. A diagnostic radiologist is a physician who may use tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and a CT scan (Computed Tomography), to help diagnose and manage children’s diseases. A pediatric radiologist needs to be knowledgeable in children’s organ systems as they relate to growth and development, congenital malformations, and diseases specific to infants and children. Pediatric Radiology at Fletcher Allen is dedicated to providing the highest quality imaging for children in a child-friendly and safe environment. Fletcher Allen Radiology offers advanced medical imaging such as CT, MRI/Open MRI and ultrasound, with radiologists specialized in pediatric radiology.

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Higgins, Timothy Joseph  MD

Pediatric Radiology

Radiology (Diagnostic)

University of Vermont
Medical Group/
Fletcher Allen
Medical Center Campus
McClure 1
Burlington VT, 05401-1473